Below you will find links to webpages and sites of associated organizations, friends, and places where Earendel members spend their time.

Alaric Albertsson
, a founding Earendel Hearth member, as well as a published author, has been following the path of the Saxon Pagan for many years. We encourage you to visit his website and read about him and his book "Travels Through Middle Earth - The Path of a Saxon Pagan".

Wolfden Designs
. Sit back, take a deep breath, and start your journey. Wander through the mystical lands of the Fae, creep silently though dark dungeons, kneel quietly before the Gods. All of the artworks presented here are handmade original pieces, inspired by myths or legends. We welcome you to browse the galleries, and hope you find something which speaks to your heart.

Cranberry Protogrove ADF
is a chapter of Ár nDraíocht Féin dedicated to building a spiritual community north of Pittsburgh, near the Allegheny-Butler county line. The Cranberry Druids hold open ceremonies at each of the High Holy Days, and invite Pagans in our region to join us in celebration and worship.
. is the internet's premier resource for everything to do with mead: how to make mead, mead recipes, mead in history, mead and honey tasting notes, articles and hundreds of links to everything else.

Sassafras Grove ADF
, is the Pittsburgh area's chapter of Àr nDraíocht Féin and is dedicated to serving the greater Neopagan community by providing quality open ceremonies commemorating each of the eight annual High Holy Days of the Neopagan Year (the Solstices, Equinoxes and the crossquarters between them).

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