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Welcome to Earendel Hearth, a Saxon inhíred dedicated to keeping the ways of our ancestors. We are very serious in our pursuit and study of the old ways. Some of us have made several trips to England, where we have had the opportunity to visit sacred sites such as the Rollright Stones and Arbor Low. We have gazed out over Hadrian's Wall, explored the Yorkshire moors and traversed the "witchcraft country" of Lancastershire.

Here in the United States, the folk of Earendel work to integrate these international experiences with all we have learned about the indigenous beliefs and customs of the early, Pagan Saxons. We enjoy activities that help us connect not only with the earth and our surrounding community, but also with the lives of our ancestors and with the spirits of the land known to the Saxons as elves. For us, our spirituality is an important and integral part of our lives.

The family of Earendel strives to practice the old ways not just in how we praise our gods, ancestors and the elves, but also in how we live. It is through our sacred work that we strengthen the bonds of fellowship and contribute in some small way to the reconstruction of healthy, viable Pagan traditions.


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